Enhanced Learning, Nutrition and Development.

“It was special to walk in for a tour and discover a few of my former teachers still at CVPCCC - it says a lot about dedication.  Knowing the center doesn't have teacher turnover like other day care centers is reassuring."  Matt, father to Koala and Cubbie

Cedar Valley Preschool and Child Care Center’s educational programs focus on individual cognitive, emotional, and physical development of your child through age-appropriate classroom learning and play activities.  Your children will enjoy the most diverse indoor and outdoor learning environment in the Cedar Valley.  Through the school year and summer months, our preschool and school-age programs will support your child as they learn and grow. 

Our center’s success revolves around community.  Volunteer visits are scheduled weekly and monthly throughout the year.

Nature Explore

To answer the profound need for connecting young children with nature, the Arbor Day Foundation and the Dimensions Educational Research Foundation have collaborated

to create the Nature Explore program. It provides educators, designers, and families
with comprehensive resources to connect children with the natural world on a daily

CVPCCC is the only child care center in the Cedar Valley to achieve certification!

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The CVPCCC nutrition program adheres to USDA guidelines.  Healthy and nutritious meals are prepared onsite daily by our full-time cook, with menus posted 2 weeks in advance.  Food allergies, dietary needs and religious preferences are respected whenever possible.

USDA and CACFP statements

P.E.T. P.A.L.S

P.E.T. P.A.L.S. establishes comfort and relinquishes fear of animals by providing animal and human interaction.  The program brings a sense of importance in caring and nurturing for animals, and others.  We've seen amazing changes in shy children as they are given an opportunity to comfort small animals.  On tough days, there is nothing better than cuddling up to a furry pet.

You'll definitely hear about our visitors, the children are always excited on P.E.T. P.A.L.S days!

Cedar Valley P.E.T P.A.L.S



Puppet Show

Board of Director Barb Gregersen treats our children to a lively puppet show every month, teaching the Six Pillars of Character from Character Counts, the biggest character education program in the nation.  The children help the puppets solve dilemmas and learn about trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship.  Barb's program is always a big hit!  For more information on the program contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Traveling Tales

The Cedar Falls Library Traveling Tales program incorporates the early literacy skills that children must master before they can learn to read. Volunteers visit the center on a weekly basis - encouraging the children to participate in reading, rhyming and other fun activities.


Preschool Music

Music Therapist, Lucy Schipper, M.T-B.C., from West Music visits the center twice a month during the school year.  The children are always fascinated by new instruments and sounds.  We’re very fortunate to have this opportunity. 


Age Specific Development Programs

  • Cubbies

    (18-24 months)

    Provide comfort, support and balance for infants during transition to preschool.  We focus on developing routines and exploring the classroom to support emotional health and the early stages of intellectual development.  Activities nurture routines, like potty training, brushing teeth, language building and relationships.  Individualized attention and daily updates are provided on your child’s growth, changes and fun activities.  Parents provide the diapers!

  • Teddies


    Promote exploration and learning through reassuring routines and stimulating activities that support basic life skills.  Teddies are gaining new ways to communicate every day through story-telling, group book reading, and sign language.  Further development of motor skills allows more complex coordination and movement.  They begin to understand their physical world through books, toys, art and interaction.  Daily updates keep you informed of your child’s progress and learning.  

  • Koalas

    (3 & 4-year-olds)

    Enhance self-discovery with adventure and exciting lessons.  As your child begins to communicate more clearly, their little minds are expanding at a phenomenal rate.  Koalas begin writing their names and recognizing letters and numbers.  Creative expression through art grows.  Our summer bus trips to Hartman Reserve and Phelps Youth Pavilion offer more interaction and greater confidence.  Daily updates are available, but more than likely your child will tell you all about it!  We’re always available for questions and concerns. 

  • Pandas

    (4 & 5-year-olds)

    Develop confidence and curiosity with a supportive safety net.  Pandas learn about basic skills like writing, sequencing/matching and early reading. Social and cognitive development, along with self-awareness, become strong drivers at this age.  CVPCCC will help keep you aware of your child’s developmental progress and structure learning to best prepare each child with milestones toward life-long learning.

  • Sun Bears

    (6 through 11-year-olds)

    Provide comforting support through important transitions. As your child ascends to kindergarten and beyond, emotions swell with excitement and anticipation (depending on your perspective!).  After school and at the end of spring, as you continue to balance child care and other obligations, don’t worry.  Our summer school-age programs offer a continuous learning environment.  Summer learning includes reading, writing in a journal, gardening, projects, cooking, field trips and more!