Volunteers---A Very Special Connection!

Throughout the year volunteers provide a variety of important supports to Cedar Valley Preschool and Child Care Center.  They may offer their services for a one-time event like our annual visit from the John Deere volunteers for our spring outdoor clean-up or something that is ongoing like our Board of Directors.  They may utilize their special talents like Bobbie who sews our cot sheets or Brian who does amazing woodworking projects (our bench surrounding the tree on the playground, the Little Free Library for the Book Nook, and special projects with the school age children) or they may be seeking opportunities sharing time and experiences with the children like our UNI volunteers that join us for a semester’s classroom experience.

They may be the folks with tools and talent like Mark, Brian, and Rodger who do “fix it, please” jobs!  Some help us with “in kind” service donations to help stretch the budget like Dave who does the snow removal or Nancy and Brian who take care of the yardwork.  The volunteers who create our annual Christmas swags help us raise important funds.  The website you read was created by Keri Miller, one of our mothers, providing helpful information for current families and those seeking services.   You and your family may have volunteered, like the Harms family, or wish to sometime, as well!  Many hands create a program that is truly community-based.  ALL are valued and appreciated for their dedication and commitment to CVPCCC and the children served!